TAB Services Offered Toward Design Intent

Air Balancing

Testing, adjusting, and balancing of HVAC ventilation systems, including constant volume, VAV, fumehood, and process duct systems. Preperation of air balance reports meeting current AABC standards.

Hydronic Balancing

Testing, adjusting, and balancing of hydronic piping systems, including heating, chilled, condenser, and process water systems. Preperation of hydronic balance report meeting current AABC standards

Duct Leakage Testing

Services provided include: Providing test rig (blower, orifice, manometer), 3 rigs providing up to 1000 CFM @ 10 In.w.c.; Determining allowable leakage rates by SMACNA, % volume, or pressure decay monitors; Smoke generation machine to aid in determining leaks; Report data on forms.

Sound Testing

dBa and octave band sound pressure readings (decibels), and determining RC and NC levels.


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Airwaso has worked on various types of projects including educational buildings, hospitals, commercial and industrial buildings, water treatment plants, restaurants, pumping stations, an international border crossing, and many others.


Canadian Associated Air Balance Council

Membership Requirements:

  • Must be in business as an independent TAB firm for a period of three (3) years.
  • Cannot have any affiliation with manufactures, installing contractors, control companies, or engineering firms.
  • Must furnish the council with at least ten (10) written letters of endorsement by professional engineers.
  • At least one (1) certified test and balance technician who is employed on a full-time basis


  • Members of the Canadian AABC are authorized by the council to issue a "National Project Certification Performance Guaranty" on all work performed.
  • This assures the client that the project will be balanced in accordance with the AABC National Standards, and to achieve optimum system performance.

Code Of Ethics:

  • Perform all work for clients in accordance with the latest standards published by AABC.
  • At all times, serve our client with integrity, competence, and objectivity.
  • Advise client personnel of any problems encountered on project, and make subsequent recommendations.
  • Assign personnel to projects who are qualified by knowledge, experience, and character.
  • Obey the local, provincial, and federal laws, rules, and regulations affecting our industry.


About Us

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Established from a line of balancing companies dating back to 1965, Airwaso Canada Inc. was incorporated in 2005.
As a member of the Canadian Associated Air Balance Council, and a member of Sheet Metal Local #473, Airwaso - under the leadership of owner Mike Van Wiechen - has completed well over 1000 projects ranging from government buildings, to fast food restaurants.
Our attention to detail, and our commitment to job completion, has led us to become one of Ontario's top testing and balancing companies.
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